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Email Marketing For E-Commerce

30X ROI, Month-To-Month Agreement, 
No Setup Fee, 30-Day Free Trial

Laser Targeting

We'll skyrocket your email engagement and improve your list quality with our laser targeting approach. Our emails will reach people genuinely interested in your brand, resulting in boosted revenue, reduced unsubscribes, and better deliverability.

Rapid Flow Profits

We'll maximize your email automation profits with faster conversions. Instead of waiting for revenue to trickle in, experience an immediate boost in earnings and returns on your investment.

Click Magnet Templates

We will increase your click-through rates with irresistibly good-looking emails. Visual appeal meets smart design, making it nearly impossible for your subscribers not to click.

First-Party Data Magic

You'll leave competitors in the dust by collecting email addresses ten times faster. The faster you expand your email list, the sooner you can scale your campaigns, seize market opportunities, and outshine the competition.

Phil Kelly


Our experience with Peter and the Email Crew has been nothing short of exceptional. From the moment we engaged with their team, they displayed an unmatched level of expertise in email marketing that has significantly boosted our brand's online presence. They have a deep understanding of our target audience and have consistently delivered engaging and personalized email campaigns that have driven substantial growth in our subscriber base. Additionally, they recommend other services and applications that can further improve our productivity. Their attention to detail, commitment to delivering results, and transparent communication have made them an indispensable partner in our marketing efforts. 

After cycling through several email agencies over the last few years, we are so happy we have found one for the long term. We highly recommend the Email Crew. 

Case Studies

Malo'o Racks, a leading outdoor gear and accessories brand, faced significant challenges in its email marketing efforts. Despite having a robust product line and a dedicated customer base, their emails were not delivering the desired results. The challenges were mainly in ineffective email flows and low engagement on campaigns.

The Challenges

Ineffective Flows

Malo'o Racks had a series of email flows that were not generating the expected revenue or engagement. The emails were not capturing the recipients' attention, leading to low revenue per recipient.

Low Engagement on Campaigns

The existing email campaigns were not compelling enough to drive conversions. Despite having an extensive email list, the engagement was disappointingly low, affecting the overall revenue.

The Solutions

Attractive and Conversion-Optimized Email Templates

The first step was redesigning the email templates to make them more visually appealing and aligned with the brand's identity. The new templates were not just attractive and optimized for conversions, with clear calls-to-action and compelling copy.

Hyper-Segmentation of Audience

Email Crew implemented hyper-segmentation strategies to target different audience groups more effectively. The emails became more relevant and engaging by segmenting the audience based on their behavior, preferences, and past interactions.

Advanced Flows

Email Crew set up advanced email flows tailored to different stages of the customer journey. Each flow was designed to maximize engagement and conversions, from welcome emails to cart abandonment reminders.

The Results

The impact of these changes was immediate and significant.

Revenue from Flows 

Increased by an astonishing 165.9% compared to the previous year.

Campaign Conversion Rate 

The campaign click rate went up by 20.1%, and the conversion rate went up by 10.3%.

Contribution to Total Revenue

In the first three months of working with Email Crew, emails were attributed to 52.44% of Malo'o Racks' total revenue. This marked an 83% increase compared to the previous year.


The collaboration between Malo'o Racks and Email Crew was a resounding success. By addressing the challenges head-on and implementing targeted solutions, Malo'o Racks saw a dramatic improvement in its email marketing metrics. The case is a testament to the power of well-executed email marketing strategies in driving revenue and engagement.


Gnat and Bee, a boutique online store specializing in unique and handcrafted items, faced a unique set of challenges in their marketing efforts. With low website traffic and no established email marketing system, the brand struggled to tap into its full revenue potential.

The Challenges

Low Traffic
Gnat and Bee had a limited online presence, primarily due to the absence of paid advertising. This resulted in low website traffic, making generating sales and building a customer base difficult.

No Established Email Marketing System
The brand had no existing email marketing infrastructure. Everything, from list building to campaign execution, had to be set up from scratch, making the task even more daunting.

The Solutions

Building the Foundation
The first step was to set up the basic email marketing infrastructure. This included setting up the email marketing platform, developing initial templates, and creating the core flows.

High-Converting Capture Form
Email Crew implemented a high-converting email capture form to begin building a high-quality email list.

Tailored Email Campaigns
Email Crew designed and deployed weekly campaigns that featured a mix of content and promotional offers. Templates mirrored the store's design, and copy matched the brand's tone and style. 

The Results

Total Online Sales Revenue

More than doubled without any increase in website traffic, proving the efficacy of the email marketing strategy.

Contribution to Total Sales

Emails accounted for 52.24% of total sales, making it a significant revenue channel for the brand.

Email Capture Conversion

The email capture rate was almost double the industry average, indicating the effectiveness of the capture forms and the overall strategy.


The partnership between Gnat and Bee and Email Crew has been a resounding success. Despite starting from scratch and facing challenges like low traffic, the email marketing strategies implemented by Email Crew have had a transformative impact on Gnat and Bee's revenue and customer engagement. This case study is a compelling example of how a well-executed email marketing strategy can drive significant results, even in challenging circumstances.


NOHO HOME, founded by Jalene Kanani, is a brand specializing in coastal home decor deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture. Despite a robust product line and a dedicated customer base, NOHO HOME faced challenges in maximizing revenue from their email marketing efforts.

The Challenges

Low Revenue Attribution from Emails

NOHO HOME struggled with a low percentage of email revenue, accounting for only 9.77% of their total revenue.

Ineffective Welcome Flow

The welcome flow generated only $2.41 per recipient, indicating a need for optimization.

Cart Abandonment Flow

Issues The existing cart abandonment setup filtered out many valuable subscribers, leading to higher revenue per recipient but overall low revenue.

Underperforming Post-Purchase Flow

The post-purchase flow brought in only $0.47 per recipient, showing significant room for improvement.

Campaign Frequency and Revenue

Although engagement was excellent, the frequency of email campaigns was low, resulting in low revenue from these efforts.

The Solutions

Redesign of Core Flows

We completely redesigned the welcome, cart abandonment, and post-purchase flows, optimizing each for better performance.

Targeted Campaigns

We increased the frequency of email campaigns, sending more frequently to laser-targeted audiences. Custom-designed email templates ensured that branding was on point and optimized for conversions.

The Results

Welcome Flow

  • Revenue per recipient increased to $6.51.

  • Overall revenue from the welcome flow increased by 6.6 times.

Cart Abandonment Flow

  • The new flow increased revenue by 2.5 times.

Post-Purchase Flow

  • Revenue per recipient rose to $2.16.

  • Overall revenue from the post-purchase flow increased by 5 times.


  • Maintained great metrics with a 68.86% open rate and a 5.96% click rate.

  • Increased send frequency and campaign revenue by 11.6 times.


The collaboration with NOHO HOME resulted in a dramatic improvement in email marketing metrics. The ROI on our service was 31, and the entire online store's revenue increased by 63% in just two months. This case study demonstrates the power of targeted and well-executed email marketing strategies in driving significant revenue growth and engagement.


Threyda is a company specializing in art clothing and prints, offering a range of products from art tees and apparel to wall art and various types of prints, including limited edition, matte, and canvas prints. Despite already having strong engagement metrics and revenue from their email marketing, Threyda sought to optimize their flows further.


The Challenge


Optimizing Well-Performing Email Flows

While Threyda's email account showed impressive engagement and revenue metrics at first glance, the task was to delve deeper and uncover optimization opportunities within their existing flows, specifically the welcome and checkout abandonment flows.


The Solutions

In-Depth Flow Analysis

We performed a detailed review of the existing flow setup, identifying key areas for improvement in the welcome and checkout abandonment flows.


Custom-Designed Flows

We designed a new email capture pop-up and custom-designed emails for the flows. Utilizing the Rapid flow setup for the welcome flow ensured a seamless integration without interfering with the client's existing welcome and abandoned cart flows.


A/B Testing for Post-Purchase Flow

For the post-purchase flow, we conducted an A/B test using the client's previous setup as the control, allowing us to measure the impact of our new design.


The Results


Welcome Flow

Generated $7,000 in additional revenue within three weeks.

Checkout Abandonment Flow

Generated almost $6,000 in additional revenue within the same period.

Post-Purchase Flow A/B Test

The new post-purchase flow generated 3 times more revenue than the existing (very elaborate) flow.




The optimization of Threyda's email flows resulted in a substantial increase in revenue. The email flow revenue doubled, and the client's ROI from these improvements was 16X. This case study underscores the value of revisiting and optimizing even well-performing email marketing strategies to uncover hidden opportunities for growth and revenue enhancement.


Twelve Little, a brand specializing in stylish and functional bags for moms, faced a downward trend in email marketing metrics. Over the previous three months, they experienced a significant drop in revenue from both campaigns and flows, along with declining campaign open rates and average order value (AOV).

The Challenges

Dropping Revenue
Twelve Little saw a 29.5% decrease in revenue from email campaigns and a 22.9% decrease from email flows over the previous three months. This was a concerning trend that needed immediate attention.

Declining Campaign Open Rate
The open rate for email campaigns had decreased by 7.8%, indicating the recipients' lack of engagement and interest.

Decreasing AOV
The average order value (AOV) had also declined by 5.2%, affecting the overall store's profitability.

The Solutions

Email Crew was brought to turn the situation around and immediately implement targeted strategies to address the most pressing issues.

Revamping Email Content
The content of the emails was thoroughly revamped to make it more engaging and relevant to the audience. This included new copy, visuals, and calls to action.

Advanced Segmentation
Email Crew applied advanced segmentation techniques to ensure that the right message reached the right audience at the right time, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

A/B Testing
A/B tests were conducted on various elements like subject lines, email body content, and calls-to-action to optimize performance. The insights gained were used to refine the email campaigns further.

The Results

Revenue from Emails

Increased by 21% in the first month of implementing the new strategies.

Campaign Open Rate

Saw a dramatic increase, up by 68.4%.

Average Order Value

Improved significantly, with a 49.6% increase.


The collaboration between Twelve Little and Email Crew successfully reversed the declining trends in email marketing metrics. By focusing on content quality, audience segmentation, and continuous optimization, the brand achieved remarkable improvements in revenue, open rates, and AOV. This case study exemplifies how a well-executed email marketing strategy can not only arrest declining performance but also drive substantial growth.


123 Security Products specializes in a wide range of security solutions, including security camera systems, digital video recorders, and related accessories, catering to both home and commercial security needs. Despite regular email campaigns, they faced the challenge of increasing revenue from these campaigns without compromising their excellent engagement metrics.


The Challenge


Low Revenue Contribution from Campaigns

Before our collaboration, email campaigns only contributed 27% to the total email revenue despite being sent regularly. The primary challenge was to significantly increase this revenue contribution while maintaining high engagement metrics.


The Solutions


To address this challenge, we implemented a targeted strategy focused on improving the design and delivery of email campaigns.


Custom-Designed, Conversion-Optimized Emails

We designed visually appealing, conversion-optimized emails that were sent twice a week to an engaged segment of the email list. These emails featured a clear visual display of promoted products and collections, accompanied by short, punchy copy designed to entice readers to click through to the store.


The Results

Increased Revenue from Campaigns

In the first three months, revenue from campaigns increased by 2.3 times.

Maintained Excellent Engagement Metrics

The campaigns maintained an impressive 55.67% open rate and a 7.15% click rate.

Higher Contribution to Total Email Revenue

The proportion of revenue from campaigns increased to 58% of the total email revenue.




The collaboration with 123 Security Products resulted in a significant boost in revenue from email campaigns, demonstrating the effectiveness of well-designed, targeted email marketing strategies. By focusing on visually appealing, conversion-optimized emails and maintaining high engagement metrics, we successfully increased the revenue contribution from campaigns without compromising on quality. The client enjoys an excellent 3,600% ROI.

Our Design

Our Designs



Choose your plan

For a limited time, all plans come with a 30-day free trial, no setup fee, a month-to-month contract, and a 90-day ROI guarantee.

  • Starter

    Every month
    Perfect for online stores with monthly revenue less than $10,000 per month
     30 day free trial
    • General Account Management
    • E-commerce Platform Integration
    • List Segmentation and Management
    • High-Converting Email Capture Form
    • Custom Email Template Designs
    • up to 4 Email Campaigns per Month
    • up to 6 Flow Emails
    • Complimentary Revisions
    • Dedicated Slack Channel
  • All-Star

    Every month
    Perfect for online stores with monthly revenue between $10,000 and $30,000.
     30 day free trial
    • General Account Management
    • E-commerce Platform Integration
    • List Segmentation and Management
    • High-Converting Email Capture Form
    • Custom Email Template Designs
    • up to 6 Email Campaigns Per Month
    • up to 9 Flow Emails
    • Testing and Optimization
    • Complimentary Revisions
    • Complimentary Strategy Calls
    • Dedicated Slack Channel
  • MVP

    Every month
    Perfect for online stores with monthly revenue over $30,000.
     30 day free trial
    • General Account Management
    • E-commerce Platform Integration
    • List Segmentation and Management
    • High-Converting Email Capture Form
    • Custom Email Template Designs
    • up to 12 Email Campaigns Per Month
    • up to 12 Flow Emails
    • Testing and Optimization
    • Complimentary Revisions
    • Complimentary Strategy Calls
    • High-Converting Phone Number Capture Form
    • up to 8 Flow SMS Msgs
    • up to 4 SMS Campaigns Per Month
    • Dedicated Slack Channel


If you have any questions or need a service that's not listed under any plans, click the button below to book a no-strings-attached call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my e-commerce business need email marketing?

Yes! On average, e-commerce businesses implementing comprehensive email marketing systems see 30-40% of their revenue from emails. If your business could benefit from an additional 30% of revenue with no additional ad spend, you should add email to your marketing mix. Check out a sample of results we were able to deliver for our clients below.


Can I use email marketing instead of paid ads?

Email marketing doesn't generate traffic in the same way as paid ads do. Instead, it captures data from people who are already visiting your store, increases the conversion rate, and significantly improves the rate of repeat purchases. That's why email marketing works best with paid ads or any other source of quality traffic. It gets more out of any other marketing methods you're already spending money on.

Do I need a big email list to get started?

No! We can help you in building your mailing list from scratch. As long as high-quality traffic comes to your store (paid ads, influencer marketing, or organic), you can reap the benefits of email marketing. Here's a screenshot from an account with zero subscribers (brand new store) when we first began working with this client.

CleanShot 2023-07-14 at 14.48.45_2x.png

Do you send emails to your list?

No, we do not sell or rent out our email lists. Instead, we help optimize your existing resources, such as your existing customer database, and maximize the revenue potential from the traffic your store generates.

Isn't my store too small for email marketing?

You can benefit from our email marketing service if you generate at least $3,000 monthly in online sales, excluding wholesale and marketplace sales.

What niches do you have experience in?

We've helped over 80 e-commerce brands generate sales online. Our experience spans a variety of niches, including but not limited to golf, outdoors, dietary supplements, wellness, plants, toys, journaling, fitness equipment, informational products, sunglasses, car accessories, beauty products, fashion accessories, jewelry, and memorabilia.


What sets you apart from other agencies?

We drive performance. Over 30% of our clients' total revenue comes from the email strategies we implement, and some even report gains exceeding 50%. Many have relied on our expertise for over five years. We offer no setup fee and month-to-month contracts. We are flexible and respond to most messages within 30 minutes or less. We even let our clients get the first month for free. Many clients enjoy an ROI of 30X or more. Our agency is U.S.-based and affordably priced.

We're not here to add to your workload. Our goal is to boost your revenue while freeing up your time. Through years of experience, we've honed in on what truly maximizes your return on investment. Our operations are streamlined and efficient, offering you the best value.

We're a specialized, approachable email marketing agency that serves small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses. Partnering with us won't leave you feeling swamped; you'll see tangible outcomes.

As email marketing and e-commerce specialists, we're committed to providing exceptional service to business owners like yourself.

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