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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my e-commerce business need email marketing?

Yes! On average, e-commerce businesses implementing comprehensive email marketing systems see 30-40% of their revenue from emails. If your business could benefit from an additional 30% of revenue with no additional ad spend, you should add email to your marketing mix. Check out a sample of results we were able to deliver for our clients below.


Can I use email marketing instead of paid ads?

Email marketing doesn't generate traffic in the same way as paid ads do. Instead, it captures data from people who are already visiting your store, increases the conversion rate, and significantly improves the rate of repeat purchases. That's why email marketing works best with paid ads or any other source of quality traffic. It gets more out of any other marketing methods you're already spending money on.

Do I need a big email list to get started?

No! We can help you in building your mailing list from scratch. As long as high-quality traffic comes to your store (paid ads, influencer marketing, or organic), you can reap the benefits of email marketing. Here's a screenshot from an account with zero subscribers (brand new store) when we first began working with this client.

CleanShot 2023-07-14 at 14.48.45_2x.png

Do you send emails to your list?

No, we do not sell or rent out our email lists. Instead, we help optimize your existing resources, such as your existing customer database, and maximize the revenue potential from the traffic your store generates.

Isn't my store too small for email marketing?

You can benefit from our email marketing service if you generate at least $3,000 monthly in online sales, excluding wholesale and marketplace sales.

What niches do you have experience in?

We've helped over 80 e-commerce brands generate sales online. Our experience spans a variety of niches, including but not limited to golf, outdoors, dietary supplements, wellness, plants, toys, journaling, fitness equipment, informational products, sunglasses, car accessories, beauty products, fashion accessories, jewelry, and memorabilia.


What sets you apart from other agencies?

We drive performance. Over 30% of our clients' total revenue comes from the email strategies we implement, and some even report gains exceeding 50%. Many have relied on our expertise for over five years.

We're not here to add to your workload. Our goal is to boost your revenue while freeing up your time.

Through years of experience, we've honed in on what truly maximizes your return on investment. Our operations are streamlined and efficient, offering you the best value. 

We're a specialized, approachable email marketing agency that serves small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses. Partnering with us won't leave you feeling swamped; you'll see tangible outcomes.

As email marketing and e-commerce specialists, we're committed to providing exceptional service to business owners like yourself.

How do I get started?

The best way to begin is to schedule an exploratory call. During this call, we will discuss how our services can benefit your business. Please rest assured that there will be no hard selling or sales tactics aimed at pressuring you to sign an agreement on the spot.

To book a call, click here

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